There are four types of fitness that are important to incorporate into your physical activity routine:
  • Cardiovascular/aerobic exercise.
  • Anaerobic exercise.
  • Joint flexibility.
  • Muscular endurance and strength.

When clients discuss health and their desire to be fitter its important to discuss  in terms of the above 4 categories. It is perhaps the first, aerobic exercise which people regard as important. Going for a run means you are fit. Right?  Well,  yes and no.

One should consider fitness for sport.

A marathon runner will not be able to lift heavy weights. Indeed, running extreme distances can denude muscle. The marathon runner can go the distance but its important to understand that this  can come at a cost. Lets take a body builder. The large muscle mass requires a large calorie input. Muscles need food. So a body builder is burning lost of calories, even while sleeping. A marathon runner is lean with little mass. It does not aid winning a marathon to be carrying extra muscle. So the physique of the runner with be lithe. The marathon runner in the latter stages of the race is switching from burning fat resources the glycogen stored in the muscle. The other issue is a runner is not going to train muscles they are not using. So a bench press is rarely in a marathon training plan. The importance of the core cannot be over emphasised. Strong core; strong finish


Anaerobic Exercise is the short burst of energy that does not require oxygen. These intense sessions working to the max can now be shown to have massive health benefits. Body builders can use these intense sessions to build up muscle mass or runners to use sprint fitness to improve speed .

One has to consider  and look at which type of  goal is important to you.


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