Can I qualify that?

There may be some who wish to train others without any qualifications. Surely, its just a little exercise what could possibly go wrong? I have been in gyms for over 20 years and have seen people who cannot manage a running machine without it running away with them.



Weekly, I see some trapped in weight lifting devices. A barbell can be a dangerous thing to a dumb belle. But its usually the men getting weighed down.

Its certainly the chaps who spend more time sitting on the bench press thinking about lifting stuff. Can you believe some without a coach may sit back just a little?

Can we all agree one needs to move it to lose it?


A gym session should be no more than an hour. But an hour dedicated to working out. No texting, reading the paper, sending an email, letter or completing christmas card list, or chatting. Get on with it. I have stood near people in gyms who are reading a magazine on the cross trainer.  For me, that’s one way to make a cross trainer. Go hard or go home.

How to make it count?

Firstly, if you are not completing your movements correctly its not doing anything. A good range of movement is vital to make the exercise count. Simplistically, all the way down; all the way up. Lifting a bar without going through the full range of movement is wasting your time. The muscle is not being strained. No pain, no gain was the mantra of 70’s body builders. Can we at least move on to: no sweat, no gain.

Stop wishing. Start doing.

The exercise has to be exercising. It has to rip the muscle to improve. By rip, I mean on a micro level: micro rips good: big rips bad. Chewbacca never made it as a personal trainer: ripping off people’s arms is not good technique and don’t get me started on his waxing regime.

Work with the muscle

Secondly,  an understanding of how the muscle works will help the range of movement. Work the muscle so as to not to hurt you but you need to tear it. The concept of micro tears within the muscle leads to new cells being laid down and thus one gets stronger, more defined. So its a balance between gently tearing the muscle to get stronger but not injuring the body. However, if the trainer has no appreciation of how the muscle moves or works then its easy to rip, pull and tear and damage the body in a bad way.

The Registry of Exercise Professionals (REPs)

REPs is a national independent body to provide a register and level of qualifications for professionals. An overview of their structure is provided below:

REPs progression chart

One of the qualifications I hold is a Level 3 Personal trainer. This can be independently checked here:

I have also completed an Ante/Post Natal course and within the Crossfit organisation have completed a Level One Coaching course. I have my own personal trainer on a twice weekly basis. Many clients are surprised at this. Qualifications are not just a certificate. They need to be regarded as a constantly continuing process. A learning for life: Gentle ripping of muscles with no arm loss and a perfect depilatory regime.


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