BLOG: Boxing Clever


Women love to box. No other exercise has the effect of getting my clients laughing and moving as much as boxing. Obviously, I’m not suggesting we are creating the next Muhammad Ali. However, being on the receiving end of some jabs it feels like it. The thing my clients love about the boxing is its fun and playful.

Real Boxing? In the golden ring?

I don’t go 12 rounds with anyone unless looking after two small children counts.  Most of all I work on technique: jab, upper cut, boxing drills. In the words from  the “Bugsy Malone” song I’m training my clients to:

“Can you move in a whirl like a humming bird’s wing if you have to?”

I do pad work which is working on upper body strength and movement at high intensity. That’s why boxing is so good. Its a great way to lose weight. Just try 2 minutes of punching the pads and see how you feel. The exercises are changing so your mind is engaged with mixing it  up and moving. The twisting moves helps maintain a strong core. Its important to have the correct stance and posture. A solid punch comes from solid feet never allowing feet to come together. Getting the feet right is the basis for getting the moves right. A little drop of the knees and drive of the back foot rotating the hips. Boom.

“Can you punch like a south bound freight train if you have to?

The boxing moves are building up strength but also coordination and mobility. Most of all, its not about hitting as hard or as fast as possible. The importance of posture cannot be emphasised. Holding ones chin correctly. Keeping the elbows close to the body. Boxing is just like comedy in that its all in the timing. Its important to realise that boxers do not slam their faces into an incoming glove. Therefore, the pad has to be firm but not slamming or slapping down the punch.

“So you wanna be a boxer?”

Put em up, put em up



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